Burnt Almond Apple

Burnt Almond AppleBurnt Almond Apple A granny smith apple is dipped in a layer of creamy caramel, milk or white chocolate and smothered in homemade toasted sugared almonds. Just like burnt almond torte in apple form! $11



Large Apple Basket

Large Apple BasketLarge Apple Basket This basket for the holidays contains 2 granny smith apples that have been dipped in a layer of caramel and chocolate and then finished off with the topping/flavor of your choice. It also contains 4 pretzels, 4 oreos and 1 graham. All flavors chosen by you! $40


Apple Flavors
Pretzel/oreo flavors


The Elvis Apple

The Elvis AppleThe Elvis Apple. This apple is created after Elvis’ favorite sandwich! A Granny Smith apple is dipped in layers of caramel, milk chocolate, banana chips and drizzle with lots of peanut butter! Can also be customized any way you like! $11!



Samoa Apple

Samoa AppleSamoa Apple. A plump Granny Smith apple that has been covered in layers of caramel, milk chocolate and toasted coconut! Tastes just like the famous Girl Scout cookies! Can also be customized any way you would like! $11!



The Wedding Collection

The Wedding CollectionThe Wedding Collection. This collection is made up of 2 plump Granny Smith Apples. The bride apple which is made to look like a wedding dress, is dipped in caramel and white chocolate. It is then decorated and drizzled with more white chocolate, candy pearls and sugar. A true beauty! The groom apple which is made to look like a tuxedo is dipped in a layer of caramel, white chocolate and then a layer of milk chocolate. These are perfect to add to your special day for favors or cake toppers! The ribbons can be changed to match the color of your wedding if requested. They can be purchased individually or as a pair. $10/each