Cinnamon Roll Crunch Popcorn

Cinnamon Roll Crunch Popcorn
This is the Popcorn you will never want to put down and you may eat the entire bag in one sitting. Its ok, cause it’s that GOOD! Hulless popcorn is baked in the oven with a caramely cinnamon mixture on it. The end result is a super crunchy popcorn with an incredible taste.
5 oz bag for $5.99



Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Apple

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Apple A granny smith apple is dipped in creamy caramel and milk chocolate. It is then covered in homemade cinnamon and sugar pretzels and finished off with a drizzle of white chocolate! $11



Caramel Apple Pie Pretzel Rods

Caramel Apple Pie Pretzel RodsCaramel Apple Pie Pretzel Rods. A pretzel rod is dipped in a layer of caramel and white chocolate. It is then covered in a brown sugar and cinnamon mixture. A delight for your taste buds!


Caramel Apple Pie

A fresh Granny Smith apple is dipped in a luscious caramel layer, followed by a layer of white chocolate, and then rolled in a heavenly mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon. Tastes just like your Grandma’s apple pie! $11