Winter Wonderland Apple

Winter Wonderland Gourmet Apple
This apple isn’t like your regular apple! This is an overload of sweets and chocolate! A granny smith apple is dipped in creamy caramel, white chocolate and sprinkles. To make this apple over the top, it is finished off with peppermint chocolate bark, a gingerbread cookie, candy cane, and 3 marshmallows that have been dipped in coconut, sprinkles and crushed peppermint candy. A unique and tasty holiday gift! $15.



Christmas Pretzel Rod Box

Pretzel Rod Box This Holiday Box is perfect for gift giving! It is filled with 10 deliciously covered caramel and chocolate pretzels. Each of these pretzels is decorated for Christmas and packaged up in a box with ribbon. $22



Small Christmas Chocolate Tray

Small Christmas TraySmall Christmas Chocolate Tray This tray features 8 caramel/chocolate covered pretzels, 7 caramel stuffed graham squares, and 8 caramel/chocolate Oreos. It will all be decorated for the holidays and ready to take to your next party or office event! This item can’t be shipped. $40



Holiday Plain Apple

Holiday Plain Apple A granny smith apple is dipped in creamy caramel and milk chocolate. It is finished off with a holiday sugar and drizzled with red and green chocolate. This apple can also be done in white or dark chocolate. $11

Cadbury Snowball

Cadbury SnowballCadbury Snowball Apple. A granny smith apple is dipped in a layer of creamy caramel, milk chocolate and then covered with crushed Cadbury Christmas balls. It is finished off with a drizzle of red and green chocolate. The perfect gift for the holidays! $11



Christmas M & M Explosion

Christmas M&M ExplosionChristmas M & M Explosion. A granny smith apple is covered in a luscious layer of caramel, dipped in milk chocolate and then covered with red and green M & M’s. It is finished off with a drizzle of white chocolate. $11. Available only for the holidays!

Customize this apple with white or dark chocolate. Please mark in “note to seller” if you would like another option.  Default will be milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzle.



A Leprechaun’s Delight

Leprachaun's DelightA Granny Smith apple is covered in a creamy layer of caramel and dipped in a milk chocolate. It is then rolled in crushed thin mint cookies and drizzled with a green chocolate. Perfect for St. Patty’s Day! $10