Mega Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs

Mega Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Bombs
These mega cocoa bombs will fill your cup with lots of Chocolate! A milk chocolate or pink colored white chocolate shell is filled with milk hot cocoa, lots of mini marshmallows, a heart marshmallow and sprinkles! It makes for one fun hot drink! These are available in a single pack or a box of 4.


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Campfire Delight Pretzel Rods

Campfire Delight Pretzel RodsCampfire Delight Pretzel Rods. A pretzel rod is dipped in melted marshmallows, milk chocolate and then finished off with crushed graham crackers. It’s just like roasting smore’s over a campfire!


Campfire Delight

Campfire DelightA fresh Granny Smith apple is dipped in a layer of melted marshmallows, then dipped in a creamy milk chocolate, and finally rolled in a layer of crushed graham crackers. $9