Everything but the Kitchen Sink Gourmet Apple

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Gourmet Apple
The name says it all!! This granny smith apple is dipped in creamy caramel, milk chocolate, oreos, m&m’s and sprinkles. It is topped with a caramel chocolate twisted pretzel that is slid down over the apple stick, a chocolate chip cookie, mini marshmallows, kit kats, and oreo and lots of white chocolate drizzle! This will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! $15



Twisted Pretzel Holiday Box

Twisted Pretzel Holiday Box This Holiday Box is filled with 6 twisted caramel and chocolate pretzels, making a great gift for anyone! The box will contain 2 M&M pretzels, 2 chocolate chip and 2 Holiday sprinkled. $15



Christmas M & M Explosion

Christmas M&M ExplosionChristmas M & M Explosion. A granny smith apple is covered in a luscious layer of caramel, dipped in milk chocolate and then covered with red and green M & M’s. It is finished off with a drizzle of white chocolate. $11. Available only for the holidays!

Customize this apple with white or dark chocolate. Please mark in “note to seller” if you would like another option.  Default will be milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzle.



Double Chocolate M and M Explosion

Double Chocolate M&M ExplosionA fresh Granny Smith apple is dipped in a luscious layer of caramel and dipped in a creamy milk chocolate. We then smother the apple in colorful M&M candies and then lastly drizzle it with white chocolate. A candy explosion inside your mouth! $11