Strawberry & Hot cocoa bomb box

Chocolate Covered Strawberry and hot cooca bomb box
This delicious box is made up or 3 milk chocolate strawberries with pink drizzle and 3 heart shaped hot chocolate bombs. Everything is decorated perfect for Valentine’s Day! $20



Mega Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs

Mega Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Bombs
These mega cocoa bombs will fill your cup with lots of Chocolate! A milk chocolate or pink colored white chocolate shell is filled with milk hot cocoa, lots of mini marshmallows, a heart marshmallow and sprinkles! It makes for one fun hot drink! These are available in a single pack or a box of 4.


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Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Bombs

Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Bombs
These are special for Valentine’s Day only! These cocoa bombs have either a milk chocolate shell or a pink colored white chocolate shell. They are all filled with milk chocolate hot cocoa, marshmallows and sprinkles! Decorated in pink, white and red for Valentine’s Day. Boxes will include hearts and spheres. These can come single wrapped, double wrapped, box of 4, box of 6 or box of 12. These can be added in with the regular boxes of flavored hot chocolate bombs as well.


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Valentine Tin

Valentine Tin This tin is filled with 2 pretzels, 2 oreos and 1 graham square. It is all tied up with cellophane and ribbon for Valentine’s Day! $12



Valentine Mega Pretzel

Valentine Mega Pretzel A pretzel rod is dipped in double the layers of caramel and triple the layers of milk chocolate. It is then topped off with an enormous amount of sprinkles and m&m’s. This is a true chocolate lovers dream! Finding the pretzel rod can be quite complicated! $3.95/each


Valentine Marshmallow Pops

Valentine Marshmallow Pops Three marshmallows are placed on a stick covered in caramel, milk chocolate and Valentine toppings! $2/each



Valentine Oreos

Valentine Oreos An oreo is dipped first in a layer of caramel, then milk chocolate and finished off with toppings for Valentines Day! They can be purchased in a pack of 2, 3, or 4. They are also available in a box of 6 all wrapped up in cellophane and ribbon for the perfect gift!




Valentine’s Rice Krispy

chocolate, gourmet, rice krispie, love, heart, red, pink, white, treats, giftsValentine’s Rice Krispy A large rice krispy treat is covered in milk chocolate and then decorated in pink, red and white for Valentine’s Day! $2



Valentine’s Sprinkled

Valentine's SprinkledValentine’s Sprinkled Apple. A granny smith apple is covered in a creamy layer of caramel, white chocolate and then smothered with red, pink and white sprinkles. $9. Available for a limited time!




Strawberry Shortcake

SStrawberry Shortcaketrawberry Shortcake Apple. A granny smith apple is dipped in a luscious layer of caramel, white chocolate and covered with dried strawberries and graham crackers pieces. It is the finished off with a drizzle of pink chocolate. A Valentine’s Day Treat! $9. Available for a limited time!