Mini Pretzel Tub

Mini Pretzel TubMini Pretzel Tub A tub is filled with 18 mini pretzels of your choice. This tub is then decorated with Christmas themed ribbon. Its the perfect size pretzel for snacking! The tub is super cute and makes a perfect gift for anyone! $20



Twisted Pretzel Bag

Twisted Pretzel BagTwisted Pretzel BagTwisted Pretzel Bag Six twisted pretzels are dipped in caramel and chocolate (choice of milk, dark or white), and covered in any topping of your choice. Every pretzel is finished off with another drizzle of chocolate. Please mark in the note to seller box what kind of chocolate and toppings you would like. If none noted, milk chocolate and christmas drizzle will be done. Bag of 6, $10



Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Apple

038 (250x166)Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Apple A granny smith apple is dipped in creamy caramel and milk chocolate. It is then covered in homemade cinnamon and sugar pretzels and finished off with a drizzle of white chocolate! $9



Peanut Butter Bomb Pretzel Rods

Peanut Butter Bomb Pretzel Rods Peanut Butter Bomb Pretzel Rods. A pretzel rod is dipped in a creamy layer of caramel, milk chocolate and then topped with reese’s cup pieces. It is finished off with a heavenly layer of peanut butter drizzle. An amazing combination of flavor!