Twisted Pretzel Bag

Twisted Pretzel BagsTwisted Pretzel Bag These cute Easter themed bags contain 6 twisted pretzels covered in caramel and milk chocolate and finished off with pastel colored drizzle, sprinkles and sugar decals. They are the perfect gift! $10



Easter Oreos

Easter OreosEaster Oreos These Easter Oreos are covered in caramel and milk chocoalte. They are then topped off with pastel colored drizzle and sugar decal/sprinkles. White and dark chocolate are available upon request.




Easter Celebration Apple

Easter Celebration AppleEaster Celebration Apple A Granny Smith Apple is dipped in caramel and white chocolate. It is then covered in spring colored sprinkles and an Easter Egg sugar decoration. It is almost too pretty to eat! $9




CelebrationA Granny Smith apple is covered in a luscious layer of caramel and dipped in a white chocolate. It is then drizzled with more white chocolate and topped with sprinkles. An excellent apple for any celebration! $9